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Roland Garros 2024 : AI, Digital and Partnerships

Roland Garros, more than a name, is an institution where clay becomes as valuable as the excuses of the players when they lose in the first round. Since 1891, this legendary tournament has seen more tennis stars than balls off the court by Benoît Paire. In 2024, Roland Garros promises a revolutionary edition, not only in terms of competition but also in the way the tournament embraces new technologies. This year, artificial intelligence, digital innovations and strategic partnerships, particularly with renowned brands like Renault, redefine the experience for both players and spectators. The tournament poster, concocted by an AI, has already triggered more discussions than VAR’s latest decision in the Premier League. A bridge between tradition and modernity? Rather a holographic gateway with integrated Wi-Fi! Thus, this article will explore how these innovations influence not only the game, but also the interaction with fans and the media presentation of the tournament.

07 June

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Innovations in communication and technology

The digital transition of Roland Garros 2024 represents a spectacular step forward in the way the tournament communicates and engages its audience. This year, the tournament ticketing has become 100% digital, a first that not only facilitates access to tickets but also ensures a more fluid and secure management of entries. No more endless queues, now we can just stress online to get tickets. This comprehensive digitization is a response to the modern expectations of spectators and reflects a broader trend in global sporting events.

In addition, Roland Garros has strengthened its digital communication infrastructure to improve the spectator experience, both on site and remotely. Giant screens and mobile apps offer real-time analytics, instant replays and exclusive content that enrich the fan experience. In addition, in partnership with Amazon Prime, Roland Garros offers night session matches on the platform. Because nothing says “tennis tradition” like having to subscribe to a streaming service to watch a game, right? This has prompted criticism but also demonstrated a bold step towards a more modern and accessible diffusion of tennis.

Roland Garros’ commitment to dynamic and innovative communication is also illustrated by the collaboration with the Alatack agency, which redefined the content strategy of the tournament. The agency, which specializes in social and digital content, has been tasked with creating campaigns that capture and maintain the attention of a global audience. Alatack has implemented a series of offensive strategies, including interactive social media campaigns, which not only engage but also amplify excitement around the tournament. Because we all know that nothing beats a good hashtag to save a game ball. Their approach has transformed the way Roland Garros interacts with its fans, making the tournament more accessible and increasing its visibility and impact on an international stage. With all that, we almost expect players to tweet their emotions in the middle of a tie-break.

Roland Garros 2024 poster generated by AI

Design: AI at Roland Garros 2024

The integration of artificial intelligence into the design at Roland Garros 2024 marks a futuristic turning point for the tournament, especially with the creation of the official poster. This year, the organization chose to innovate by using AI to design a poster that not only represents the tournament but also a new era of technological creativity. The result? A work that resembles what happens when you leave a three-year-old alone with an iPad. This initiative was designed to capture the imagination of the public and reflect the constant evolution of Roland Garros as an avant-garde entity in the world of sport.

Pejorative Instagram post on Roland Garros 2024 poster

However, this poster also caused some controversy. Critics have emerged regarding the use of AI in artistic creation, raising questions about the authenticity and soul of the work produced by algorithms. Nothing screams “authenticity” like a work created by an algorithm that has never held a racket in its life. While this controversy was a topic of discussion, it also highlighted the ability of AI to provoke an important dialogue about the future of creation in sport and beyond.

Looking to the future, it is likely that the use of artificial intelligence in design is not limited to Roland Garros. Soon, even the referees could be replaced by robots, at least they will not miss the foot faults like Nick Kyrgios. Other sports competitions could adopt similar technologies to reinvent their image and interaction with the public. AI offers unlimited possibilities for personalization and innovation in event presentation, enabling visual creations that were previously unthinkable. Who knows, maybe the next World Cup poster will be a masterpiece worthy of Picasso… digital version, of course. As technology advances, we can expect to see more sports organizations explore these tools to enrich the visual and cultural experience of their events.

Renault presents the R5 E-Tech Roland-Garros special series

Strategic partnerships and economic impact

The partnership dynamic of Roland Garros 2024 illustrates the crucial importance of strategic alliances in the world of sport, particularly in tennis, where they play a key role in the evolution and influence of events. One of the most notable partnerships is with Renault, which as a premium partner for the third consecutive year, not only strengthened the image of Roland Garros but also contributed to its commitment to sustainability through the introduction of electric vehicles on the tournament site. After all, what could be more sporty than being driven by an electric car to the service line? This collaboration with Renault demonstrates how partnerships can enhance the event experience while supporting meaningful green initiatives.

In addition to promoting sustainable practices, Roland Garros also uses its partnerships to reach new audiences, particularly through e-sport. Yes, now we can admire sweaty gamers, frantically tapping buttons instead of rackets. The tournament has integrated a video game dimension with the Roland-Garros eSeries, a virtual tennis tournament that combines sport with the video game industry. Because why sweat on the field when you can do it in your living room with a controller in your hand? This partnership with the gaming world allows not only to engage a younger and technophile audience but also to extend the cultural and commercial impact of Roland Garros beyond the traditional tennis courts. Next step: holograms of Rafael Nadal distributing virtual high-fives. This initiative illustrates how partnerships can open additional markets and enhance interaction with a new generation of fans.

Roland Garros 2024 marks an era of renewal through the innovative use of artificial intelligence in design and strategic partnerships that transform both the spectator experience and the ecological impact of the tournament. In this spirit of innovation, the KT Sport Design Agency, specialized in 360-degree communication in the world of sport, positions itself as an ideal partner for clubs, federations and sportsmen wishing to adapt their communication to new trends, including AI. We help our clients navigate and excel in the complex and ever-changing digital world of modern sport.

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