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Rugby World Cup 2023: a colorful and symbolic French competition.

The World Cup began in France on September 8th. As normal, given the date we would know immediately that it is not about football but since we are doing World Cups in the middle of December now, we could still ask the question. It is indeed the Rugby World Cup, if you were not aware you understand better now why the oval ball has appeared in all our pubs in recent weeks. This will end on October 28th, finally I speak of the SudAfs and the kings of the Hakas.

For the French it is already over, they were eliminated in the quarter-finals against robust South Africans who made them bite the dust. We had sold us their qualities so much in recent months that this result is considered a failure. Pourtant even DD (Didier Deschamps) had visited them to explain how to be world champion… It was simple though!

Bon stop stirring the knife in the wound.

26 October

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Small intro…

For this World Cup nine French cities carefully distributed throughout the territory, have the honor of hosting this major event.

See the list of selected happy women :

  • Saint-Denis
  • Lille
  • Lyon
  • Saint-Étienne
  • Nice
  • Marseille
  • Toulouse
  • Bordeaux
  • Nantes.

This Rugby World Cup, which brings together 20 teams, plans to welcome nearly 600 000 foreign visitors among the two million expected spectators. The creation of ten rugby villages, notably on the Place de la Concorde in Paris and in each of the nine host cities, fosters an exceptional atmosphere throughout the competition.

For all those who have seen The English Game and who think that football is the oldest sport in the world, know that this event organized for the 3rd time in France, marks the 200 years of the creation of Rugby as a discipline is 40 years before football.

Eh yes… it must have been complicated to make a round ball at the time and even more to play with your feet. 🙂 Let’s talk about these balloons.

2023 World Cup rugby ball design
©website Gilbert Rugby

2023 Rugby World Cup balls : an exclusive design in tribute to France

To mark this event, Gilbert, the official supplier of the World Cup balls, has developed a unique design in honor of France and the host cities of the competition.

This ball, christened “Talisman” (personally I think it smacks like a name), has a white hue with blue and red patterns. Each of its faces bears a symbol representing one of the 20 host cities. For example, on the front, stands the iconic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower for Paris, while on the back, the bridge of Saint-Nazoire near Nantes is represented.

The design of the ball was made by the French design agency Brandimage. Jean-François Decaux, Creative Director at Brandimage, explains: “We wanted to design a ball that was both elegant and contemporary, while paying tribute to France and the host cities of the competition.”

The symbols of the host cities

See the symbols of the host cities of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, magnificently represented on the ball “Talisman” :

  • Paris : the majestic Eiffel Tower
  • Saint-Denis : the illustrious abbey of Saint-Denis
  • Lille : the famous GrandPlace
  • Bordeaux : the emblematic Place de la Bourse
  • Marseille : the picturesque Vieux-Port
  • Toulouse : the majestic Capitole
  • Nice : the legendary Promenade des Anglais
  • Perpignan : the magnificent Saint-Jean-Baptiste
  • Castres : the prestigious castle of Castres
  • La Rochelle : the picturesque Vieux-Port
  • Lyon : the grandiose basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
  • Grenoble : the renowned museum of Grenoble
  • Lens : the venerable stadium Ballaert-Delelis
  • Saint-Étienne : the emblematic stadium Geoffroy-Guichard
  • Pau : the splendid castle of Pau
  • Vannes : the picturesque port of Vannes
  • Montpellier : the imposing City Hall
A man on an orange background
©website Le dictionnaire

The importance of colors and symbols in sports communication

It is clear that everyone likes to see life in color, some perhaps even to excess.

Cela says, in sports, colors and symbols are essential elements to establish a strong connection with fans, teams and sponsors.
\nIt is enough to see the candy pink of the Stade Français which brought a little sweetness in this world of brute. Well yeah the beard of Viking of Chabbal who shouts “Hummm… Charral!” I do not know who found it reassuring?!

Other example… If one day the Netherlands no longer plays in Orange but in the colors of their flag, a bit like everyone else, I think we will find a few thousand Dutch in PLS.
Rugby therefore also has its own codes, some teams have strong names that are based on symbolic choices and have been forged over time.

No the example of New Zealand better known as the “All blacks”, if they arrive tomorrow with white shorts (although there is white on their flag), it will be very strange.
XV de la Rose, XV du Trèfle, XV du Poireau, Wallabies, Springboks and more find the exact meaning of the names of all these Rubgy teams here

Article original de leur première appélation en tant que "All Black"
©english newspaper

Colors, bearers of identity

Colors are much more than visual nuances. They are ambassadors of the identity of a team or a sports organization.
When the majority of national teams represent the colors of their country, some wear jerseys with a much deeper meaning.
For example, did you know that the New Zealand National Team played blue at its creation.
It was only in 1893 that she wore a black outfit in tribute to the Maori for whom black is a moon color symbol of prudence, wisdom, consistency, but also life.
How many people think the nickname All Blacks comes from a mistake a bit like for English football goalkeepers.
Lors of their first European tour in 1905, a Daily Mail journalist, impressed by this team from the other side of the world, qualifies the players as “All Backs”, namely “all three-quarters”. But in the paper edition, the word “All-Blacks” was printed.

Emotion and commitment

Colors and symbols evoke deep emotions in fans. Red evokes passion, blue confidence, black determination. The teams know that to win the hearts of their supporters, they must arouse positive emotions. That is why the choice of colours and symbols are carefully considered.
The French rugby team, for example, which has restored its rooster which is bigger than before on the last jerseys and represents a national pride.
An fan will buy, always support his team in his own way but he will buy a jersey rather than a sling if he likes and inspires this jersey.
This is why the role of the equipment manufacturer is paramount in the fan strategy.
On has seen in recent years in the field of football, the appearance of a jersey third see fourth. At this rate we will have one jersey per month in a few years.
But this marketing strategy increases the chances of having a swimsuit that we like and increase sales for mad-mad collectors.

Analysis of the 2023 rubgy world cup logo

2023 Rugby World Cup logo
©website City of Vitry-sur-Seine

The Australian communication agency, WK, short for WiteKite, is behind the creation of the logo. In view of the results of the Wallabies it is known at least that no envelope under the mantle was distributed.
The colours of the logo echo those of the French flag : blue, white and red.

In a World Rugby press release, we read: “The redesigned tricolour flag, a blue-white-red revisited halfway between the authenticity and modernity that characterize France.” The logo has a blue shape reminiscent of a vertical rugby ball, with the three stripes of the “W” representing the World Cup. Another form of red color, finer, is interlaced in the previous one. This logo embodies a modernity rooted in its time and conveys values such as passion and unity. Note that no Parisian monument is represented, contrary to the logo of the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Breakdown and meaning of the 2023 Rugby World Cup logo
©website Gilbert Rugby

What does the logo mean

The rugby world cup logo can be interpreted in several ways :

  • An interpretation of the Möbius ribbon.
  • An interpretation of the French flag, according to Le Blog By Macap, which quotes a World Rugby press release, describing it as “the redesigned tricolour flag, a blue-white-red revisited halfway between the authenticity and modernity that characterize France.”

The design of the logo aims to particularly attract a young audience. The slogan in English, even for a French event, perfectly illustrates it :

  • An idea of gathering and belonging, with the slogan "We are rugby"® in “We are the World” mode by Mickael Jackson. This slogan reflects a strong sense of belonging and the idea of gathering around a shared passion and meaning. More generally, the communication around this event seeks to make it an event that brings together all French, whether they are rugby fans or not.

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